Semalt Advice On How To Manage And Edit Your Google Business Profile From Google Search

The End of Google My Business - What It Means for YOUR Business

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. The Need For A Google Business Profile
  3. Guide to Edit Your Google Business Profile From Google Search
  4. List of Things You Can Edit on Your Google Business Profile
  5. Conclusion


One of the best things you can do to boost your company's SEO position on the Google search results page is to maintain and edit your Google Business Profile. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners and online webmasters are oblivious that there is a possibility for this management and edit tool. In the same way, many of the people that know of this tool, are unsure of the way to properly use this business profile management process. 

It is sad really, especially because Google expects businesses and website owners to take up Google search as their primary method to manage their Google Business Profiles. But how will this be possible when there is still an alarming number of confused business owners? That is why this guide was compiled as a full explanation of Google Business Profiles. This article will include the meaning of Google Business Profiles, why they exist, their importance, why they should be managed and edited, and how you can manage your Google Business Profile through Google search. 

The Need For A Google Business Profile

Created by Google itself, a Google Business Profile permits you to monitor the way your company's information is displayed on Google's search result page and Google's map. Plus, it is a free mechanism and everyone with a registered business can sign up. Using your profile, business marketing practices such as sending and receiving orders become effortless. Engagement is also possible through your business profile as it lets you mention your products and services, share valid renovations and updates about your company, and so much more. 

Why do you need a Google Business Profile? Easy! Your target audience and prospective clients can find you better even when there are tons of other businesses just like you. Secondly, your business's local and overall SEO will profit from it. Not only will your rankings improve but so will your business visibility, traffic, and click-through rates. To sum things up, Forbes declares that a Google Business Profile is no longer elective but mandatory. Why? It is the first place your clients will come out looking for you. If you are not among Google's Business listings, you could call yourself invisible on Google. 

So how can you sign up for Google Business? 
Though you are expected to insert all the relevant information while creating your account. Nonetheless, cases of an update, upgrade, a move from your former location, development of a new branch, and so on can cause an edit - hence this post. There were three ways to manage and edit your Business Profile on Google. The first is through your Business Profile dashboard, another is through Google Maps, and finally, via the Google Search Bar. 

Amidst all these options, why is Google Search the priority? This is because Google encourages maintaining their site from Google Search instead of the other options. This reason stands firm because the majority of firms with Google Business Profiles only have one site, and so it is easier for them to edit through Google Search. 

Guide to Edit Your Google Business Profile From Google Search

Making changes to your Google Business Profile is as easy as following three steps 

List of Things You Can Edit on Your Google Business Profile

Not everything can be changed on your Google Business Profile. It is important to be familiar with the sections that can be edited and those that cannot. This is so that you would know how essential it is to get some facts right the first time. Below are the flexible variables in your Google Business Profile. 

● Business Name

Though you can modify the name of your business, you would need to request another validation again which can last from a week to two weeks. 

● Address and Pin Location

This is valuable in two scenarios. If you didn't have an address before (meaning that you left the space blank) and you have acquired a business office, then you can change the address. Also, if you have moved from one location to a new venue, (or you made a mistake in your former entry), you can make changes to your address and pin location. But you will again need to re-verify your profile information after editing. 

● Hours

While you might not be allowed to make changes to your primary business hours, you could add holiday hours and additional opening and closing times. For instance, if you work from Monday to Friday (9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) and you wish to add an overnight service time on holidays and all weekends, you can so this using the holiday hour edit button and the option for 'more hours'. 

● Phone Number

Although this is not very much advisable, you can change both your primary and landline phone numbers if necessary. Also, you are allowed to hide your number from public view if you wish to. To do this, click on 'Advanced settings' on your Business profile page from Google search as indicated above. Then, under your phone number, select 'don't show' to remove your contact number from public access. 

● Attributes

These are the easiest to edit and manage of all the other parameters. Your attributes give your customers more information about your business. For instance, if you have a WiFi connection or certain care or tourist spot / view, it would be wise to include these in your attributes. 

● Logos and Photos

You can add or remove logos and photos of your business to encourage customers from visiting. A great SEO tip is to include social proof during these photo uploads. If you make deliveries, insert photos your your happy customers. If you are a team working under an office space, have a picture to show the workplace and your team members at work. This will be more convincing than photos without social proof. 

● Products and Services

Do you offer a new recipe or do you have a special package that customers should know about? You are free to make these alterations. You can remove, add, and update the name of a product or service as you deem fit. For hotels, resorts, and guest houses, you can also modify your check-in and check-out times as it serves as your product / service.

The items you might not be permitted to make changes to include: 


Among all the SEO strategies you can adopt for your business, creating and managing a Google business profile is highly important. As stated earlier within the text, without a business profile, you are more or less invisible. But as crucial as a business profile is, if you neglect other SEO strategies, you might be doing yourself more harm than good. You also need to pay attention to your page structure, website development and optimization, content, link profile, and so much more. 

You need to ensure that your local, mobile, on-page, off-page, technical, and many other forms of SEO are not in any way lacking on your site. Only then would you be able to benefit from the visibility that a Google Business profile will send your way. In that case, if you wish to optimize your website for SEO and improve your click-through rate on your Google business search profile, then outsource your website SEO to a professional SEO company (like Semalt). You can also get a free consultation to start your journey towards online business success.